Christ’s Church is a true community church. It is composed of individuals and families from many denominational backgrounds. Christ’s Church welcomes everyone, no matter where you find yourself on your spiritual journey. We serve our community through compelling and dynamic worship and music grounded in the Episcopal/Anglican traditions. We also have outstanding programming for children and youth, as well as outstanding outreach and adult education programs.

We are happy you are interested in the Christ’s Church and want you to feel warmly welcomed here. We would love for you to visit us in person, and would especially like to invite you to worship with us on Sunday, or at one of our weekday services.

If you would like to join our church, click here to download our Member Information Sheet, fill it out, and either bring it along to a Sunday service, drop it into the office during the week, or mail or email it to our Parish Secretary, Deacon Dorothee Caulfield.

Links for Newcomers:

Christ’s Church FAQs

What is the “Holy Eucharist”?
Eucharist is a Greek word meaning “thanksgiving,” and is used to name this central act of Christian worship that expresses the lives of gratitude and thanksgiving that Christians are called to live. The Christ’s Church is a parish community gathered around a table. All who have been baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and who have been admitted to communion in this or another church, are welcome to share in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist (or Holy Communion) and to receive the bread and wine of this special meal. We are all called to repent of our sins, to be in love and charity with God and all people, and to approach Holy Eucharist as an expression of the real presence of Jesus Christ.

How do I receive Holy Communion?
All baptized Christians are invited to share in the Holy Communion. The ushers will guide you to to the altar, when it is your turn, if you wish to receive. You may stand or kneel to receive the bread and the wine when it is offered to you. If you do not wish to receive wine directly from the chalice (cup), you may dip your wafer into the wine or have the chalice bearer do this for you. If you do not wish to receive wine at all, you may simply cross your arms across your chest when you are approached by the chalice bearer. Young children who do not yet receive communion may come to the altar for a blessing.

Where is the church located?
Christ’s Church is located at 2 Rectory St., situated between Citibank and Blind Brook Lodge.

Where do I park?
Our parking lot is found between Citibank and the church itself off of Milton St.

Where do I sit?
Ushers are available to assist you in getting seated. Our church can accommodate up to 300 people. We also have a closed circuit TV system that allows us to seat another 40 people in our choir room. This feature is used mostly on special occasions. Those who have worshiped in that space have found it to be satisfactory and enjoyable.

Becoming a member
The first and most important level of membership is the one that you create when you decide in your head and heart that Christ’s Chruch is the place for you. Beyond that first step, membership can be expressed in a number of ways:
•Transfer from another Episcopal Church. Call the parish office to initiate a Letter of Transfer.

•Transfer from another denomination. If you were baptized in another denomination, your baptism is accepted and recognized here. If you were confirmed in another denomination, you may also be received by the Bishop when you decide to join the Episcopal church. If you have not yet been confirmed, or made an adult profession of faith, you are urged to be confirmed by the Bishop during his/her visit in the spring. Those who wish to be confirmed or received should contact a member of the clergy for more information.

•By baptism. If you have never been baptized into the Christian faith, you are encouraged to contact a member of the clergy to schedule a service for this purpose.

Members in good standing at Christ’s Church are those who are in regular corporate worship and who are working, praying, and giving for the growth of the kingdom of God.