Ushering is a terrific way to serve the Lord and to actively participate in the functioning of Christ’s Church. Ushering provides an amazing chance to begin to grow and to continue to serve in a very important role for the church. The role of the usher frequently may be underestimated for its importance, but think back to when you first attended a new church — probably one of the ushers had some impact on you and your family. A positive experience from an usher may have led you to join that church; maybe and hopefully it was here at Christ’s Church!

Ushers arrive 20 minutes before the service wearing a dark suit (or equivalent attire for women). The ushers greet arriving members or guests as they enter the church nave, and pass out service leaflets as they help people through the nave doors. They find pew seating for the people as the nave begins to fill, controlling good timing so as not to interfere with the service. They will usher during the offering, Eucharist and recessional, and will clean and straighten the pews after the service. Ushers also assist with the microphones.

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